Token Name Change

SocialRemit rewards our best social network ambassadors with until USD 125,000 in ETH.

This special campaign for your Airdrop will reward con USD 25,000 in ETH per category.
SocialRemit has created a Special Campaign in the Airdrop for rewarding the best, videos, blogs and Articles within social networks that mention the advantages of the project and launching of the next ICO.

What do I earn if participating in this campaign?

Participating in this campaign comes into play 125,000 USD in ETH where you can earn 25,000 USD in ETH for each category.

Who is allowed in participating?

Any user registered in the SocialRemit community.

Which category can I participate in?

Each registered user can participate in just one category and one social network in each category.

Estimated dates

Special Campaign Start Date

September 15, 2018

Special campaign End Date

January 31, 2019

Rewards communication date

March 31, 2019

Rewards delivery date

Abril 30, 2019


Best Video

YouTube, &

Best Ruissia & Asia Social Network,, zhihu, ameba & WeChat

Best Social Networks - Prize fund: $25 000

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter

Best Easterns Asia Video - Prize fund: $25 000, &

Best Tumblr Blog/Article

Tumblr,,, &

4 Awards per category
  • 1st place. ETH equivalent to USD 10 000.
  • 2nd place. ETH equivalent to USD 7 500.
  • 3rd place. ETH equivalent to USD 5 000.
  • 4th place. ETH equivalent to USD 2 500.